Travels in Scotland Post 12: Haste Ye Back

Welcome to my series of blog posts Travels in Scotland. Whether you're planning a trip, reliving a memory, or relaxing into some armchair traveling...thank you for joining me! Here I will show you images & share stories of my one month travels through Scotland. I'll cover this beautiful country of mountains, rivers, glens, islands, history, and, of course, fiber and textiles.

Over this series of twelve blog posts, I've been trying to say in different ways, Scotland is a unique and amazing country.


Leaving the Highland west coast city of Oban, sign posts read, "Haste ye back." All I can say is, "Aye." 


Scotland has a hold on my heart.  In addition to seeing new sights, there are many places I unreservedly will visit again: Glencoe, Glenorchy, Kilmartin Glen and the Hebrides to name a few. I hope you've been inspired.  I leave you with this review of places.  Maybe not a review, but rather future trip planning list.

The River Orchy, Argylle & Bute, Scottish salmon breeding grounds in the Highlands
The River Orchy, Argylle & Bute, Scottish salmon breeding grounds in the Highlands


Kerrera Island near Oban

About a mile outside of Oban, a foot passenger ferry runs once an hour across the narrow gap to Kerrera Island, where the best thing to do is to bike or walk the 2 or so miles to the Kerrera Tea Garden for drinks and cakes.  Along the way, the sheep are grazing unfenced - they are definitely living their best lives with ocean views. 

caledonian canal

Stretching from the west to east coasts of Scotland, the Caledonian Canal is an engineering marvel - a system of locks traversing 60 miles (50 nautical miles) and varying elevations.  Tourists on rented houseboats can spend a week traveling through.

honesty boxes

Dotted throughout the Highlands are charming little honesty boxes filled with baked goodies, jams and such, for passersby to leave some folding money in exchange for treats - on the honesty system.  So charming!

the sea and the isles

The mainland of Scotland and the Highlands have so much to explore - the bens, lochs, rivers, glens, the people, the sheep and animals, history, culture, whisky, castles, and archeology.  And yet, beyond that lies even more. Beyond that lies the sea and the islands with thousands of miles of coastlines.  Maybe because I live in a landlocked place, but the sea calls to my soul. Haste ye back.

My watercolor travel journal
My watercolor travel journal


Here's a photo of Amy & Paul in Glencoe, calculating how long it will be until they can get back to Scotland!


Thank you so much for reading the Travels in Scotland blog.  It's been a personal project of revisiting this beautiful place in words and pictures.  Wanderlust is real and for those of us afflicted, there's only one solution...

Travels in Scotland is a 12 part blog series filled with photos and stories of a fiber artist's journey through a beautiful land, encountering a land with a deep textile history, stunning landscapes, and of course sheep!


You can read all of the Travels in Scotland blog posts on my website.  I invite you to travel along with me, along the coast and through the mainland hills seeing, experiencing and learning about this place called Scotland. Turas math dhuibh! (Good journey to you!) Amy


Just for fun, here's one photo from each day I spent in Scotland. Click the photo to enlarge and see caption.

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