Designing a small format appliqué piece to mount to a blank card - from fabric selection to construction using free-motion embroidery.

Overview with some very short video clips showing how to move around curves and turn corners while free-motion embroidering

My son asked me to create a piece of quilted wall art for his first apartment in Chicago....I said "Yes!"

Winter is a time of play for me as a fiber artist. My Schacht Spindle Company tapestry loom serves to capture the color, texture and design that emerge from my collection of wool, cotton, & silk yarns.

A new art quilt by Amy Mundinger, entitled "One World, One Chance," deals with climate change, clean energy and our continued dependence on carbon-emitting "dirty" energy.

The V&A Museum of London is an endless source of inspiration, featuring textiles, furnishings, sculpture, glass and pottery. An artist's feast!

Amy Mundinger, Fiber Artist, is featured in the December 2015 Quiltmaker Magazine.

Amy Mundinger, Fiber Artist, appears on Quilters Newsletter TV to explain how she converts 100% wool sweaters into felt to appliqué onto quilts.

Amy Mundinger, Fiber Artist, blogs about how taking photographs works in tandem with creating art. Link to Amy's Instagram page.

Camper themed Fiber Art Cards, are available in Amy Mundinger's on-line store.

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