Travels in Scotland Post 5: Viking sheep on St. Kilda
Scotland · 16. April 2024
St. Kilda is a wind-swept set of four islands in the North Atlantic, only occasionally accessible. Home now to the UK's largest bird colonies and the Soay sheep - brought thousands of years ago by the Vikings.

Travels in Scotland Post 4: Sailing the Scottish Isles
Scotland · 09. April 2024
Scotland includes 790 islands - join me as I explore the beaches, coastline and islands that make Scotland a place of wildlife & wonder.

Travels in Scotland Post 3: Tapestry in Edinburgh
Scotland · 02. April 2024
In the heart of the old town of Edinburgh, Dovecot Studios includes an exhibition space, tapestry weaving room with observation balcony, cafe and gift shop. The only thing it doesn't have now is a swimming pool, but that's history.

Travels in Scotland Post 2: Tartan at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Dundee
Scotland · 26. March 2024
Learn about TARTAN from the Victoria & Albert Museum, Dundee - the weaving and the cultural phenomena.

Travels in Scotland Post 1: Glasgow-The Women of Art Nouveau in Scotland & Street Art
Scotland · 19. March 2024
Begin in Glasgow with a trip to the Mackintosh Tea Rooms, the botanical gardens, and university. The amazing street art of Glasgow is everywhere and a glimpse of the work of Banksy at the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art.