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NEW : SEWING KITS for grads, fam, and friends near and far


If you would like the sewing kit to be mailed directly to your gift recipient, please complete each gift order separately and include the intended address in the notes in your order.  A gift card can be included.


So many one-of-a-kind sewing kits for you to choose from! Click below or from the On-Line Store pull-down menu.


Words of praise from a customer: Thank you a zillion times over!!  This is perfect for Sam.  And the perfect gift from me. Thanks so much for your thoughtful, creative and beautiful work!  Your work is exquisite!!  I love the card!!  And the rice paper wrapping is exactly how it will go to her.  She will love all of it as much as I do.  I think my favorite part is the felt needle square!! This is a generous gift from you. Makes me homesick for Boulder.  thanks ❤️  -Michele, Michigan


Words of praise from a gift recipient: I've had my sewing kit for a few years now, and it's such a staple in my home. I know everything I need to mend a hole or sew on a loose button is right in this beautiful box.  The bag of buttons has come in handy many times! This is the perfect gift for a graduate or college student.  It won't go untouched! -Lorelei, Idaho