Textile Bobbin Ornaments

Textile Bobbin Ornaments are the perfect blend of a vintage wooden piece of textile history and beautifully embroidered felted wool.  Each ornament is hung with a perle cotton decorative cord made in Pine Tree Studio, for hanging during the holidays or anytime during the year. These wooden textile bobbins are a piece of American history from when all cloth was manufactured in U.S. factories - these are authentic bobbins, not reproductions and are over 100 years old.  The bobbins may show a little wear, but that is their charm! Learn more about textile bobbin history.


Textile Bobbin Ornaments are approximately 4-6" long with added length of the hanging cord. Handmade and very limited quantities.


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red mushroom ornaments

Blue mushroom ornaments

fox over mountains ornaments

Purple/pink star ornaments

Blue sheep ornaments

buffalo ornaments