Free Motion Machine Quilting Workshop

Have you wondered how quilters use their home sewing machines to create amazing quilting on their quilts?  You can do it, too!  The instructor will bring examples of finished quilts with free motion machine quilting done on a home sewing machine for inspiration and ideas. The instructor will also demonstrate free motion machine quilting at each step so that students can in turn try out the quilting patterns on their own sewing machine in class.

The instructor will cover:

  • Decision-making of quilting patterns and strategies based on quilt top
  • Sewing machine adjustments to set up for free motion machine quilting
  • Stippling - both basic and more advanced variations
  • Stitching words
  • Free motion machine quilting patterns and beyond 

Students will receive handouts in free motion machine quilting. Students should have basic sewing skills and knowledge of their own sewing machine.  The sewing machine must have the ability to drop the feed dogs.


The Free Motion Machine Quilting Workshop is a full-day course (6 contact hours).  Guilds or shops interested in hosting this workshop can contact Amy Mundinger for fees and scheduling.  A materials list for the class will be provided for students prior to the workshop.